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My origins incorporate the Caribbean Diaspora and Brooklyn, New York. Although very much an American, my Mother’s Caribbean culture has forever permeated my sense of self, my thoughts, and my art.

When I begin painting, I think primarily about what I want to express for myself and then, what it might mean to the outside world. On occasion I sometimes feel myself gravitating toward art for the critics' sake as opposed to another higher purpose. And though it seems as if contemporary and modernist conventions have shaped the language of art, I believe in the importance of recognizing and validating one's own voice.


The internal dialogue about what I'm expressing is punctuated by thoughts and questions specific to art in a multicultural world and multicultural art outside the Western canon.

Sometimes what moves me to paint can be of a spiritual nature, sometimes political  - be it an encounter with the sublime serenity of nature or a temporal reminder of human frailty.

Then, while in the act of painting, there flows a euphoric sensation, like a runner's high or a peaceful meditation, where painting is akin to feeding and energizing myself emotionally, spiritually and undeniably visual…as if my visual receptors are high octane and the world melts away

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